Welcome to an Era of Accessible AI

Guanxi is a data science and machine learning platform - making AI accessible for non-developers.

Connect & Consolidate Data

We connect and consolidate your existing data sources, from CRM, Gmail integrations, to your excel spreadsheets, helping you fully harness the power of your organisational data.

Free up your time: Prepare for an AI Era

We enable easy automation of data preparation, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing, so you can leverage AI across your organisational datasets and encourage a data-driven culture.

Explore & Derive Business Insights

Search, access and explore your data to derive new business insights and optimise your workflow through our dashboards and micro-applications.

Guanxi in Action: AI CRM & Organisational Analytics

We enable our clients to boost the efficiency, quality and effectiveness of client delivery through a relationship intelligence tool, allowing enterprises to consolidate, search, and analyse their organisational networks.

This was achieved by enabling them to better leverage their organisational network, quickly identifying the key experts for any given topic, and acting as an 'organisational memory' of the historic activities of the firm.

Let AI do the hard work, so you don't have to.