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Here's a quick summary of what you can do in Guanxi.AI:

Bring All Your Data Together

Hassle-free consolidation of all your data with our Merge and Consolidation Data functions

Perfect for merging multiple exports from event databases, mailing lists, or CRM exports

Clean, Transform & Prepare

Clean, standardise and fix common errors using our Transform & Edit Data Functions

Removes the manual work for correcting Job Titles, Company Names, or other typical data

Automate Reporting & Explore your Data

Easily and quickly analyse, understand and explore your data with our Facet Functions and saved dashboards

Useful for automated reporting and filtering your data to create quick dashboards for Management Information tracking your data without the repetitive work

Enrich your data

Easily connect to internal or external databases to add, enrich or structure your data to give richer profile information, categorisation or labelling of your data

Examples include:

  • Predict Gender from First Names
  • Countries to a Continent (France to Europe, Kenya to Africa)

Predict, Classify and Segment using AI - all without coding

Just like Amazon, drive revenue by recommending the right products for the right customers using AI, to identify the best items to cross-sell and up-sell perfect for marketing teams to leverage

Easily segment or group your customers based on purchase history, demographics or other data points, to find new insights on your best performing customer segments

Create accurate forecasts by using AI to predict sales volumes, demand or predictions like Lifetime Value of a Customer based on your customer data

Safe, Secure & Private Data Management

Just like using excel, your data never needs to leave your computer so you can leverage your data without concerns on GDPR, Privacy or Security

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